We live in a world where split second slips of a human just being a human is turned into memes, people get bullied for not talking like the crowd while boyfriends find out their girlfriends have broken up with them via social media.


Flo rent Ma louda, former Chelsea left back, is the latest man to find out how social media breakups work. Not his girlfriend though. His net worth is big enough to keep her thinking twice except of course, he cheats. Not that some would mind anyway.

After FC Zurich enlisted Malouda into their coaching staff, few weeks later, the club’s Twitter handle tweeted that: “FC Zurich and FlorentMalouda have decided by mutual agreement to terminate the recently started cooperation” to which the French man replied with “really [and] I didn’t know that?”

Sometimes, one has to ask what kind of organizational operation method leads to these kind of embarrassment. The more important question maybe to ask if this is even considered an embarrassment by the clubs. Modern life never stops getting weirder anyway.

The scarier part is that the more often something happens, the more the human brain begins to recognize it as normal. It is how all radical ideas settle into the society and why most of the things the Boomer generation considered as taboos growing up are now considered taboo if you don’t do it.

Few years ago, it was considered as being incredibly weird if you try to date a girl without meeting her in person. Today it is considered weirder if you try to meet her in person before dating her.

At the end though, it may be that the mail guy at FC Zurich just forgot to deliver the message to Mr. Florent. Who knows maybe using Gmail is incredibly hard and human beings now need a kind of mail that delivers their thoughts without them having to go through the unbelievable stress of typing out a message.